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Full product and user support is included with DataLoad Professional
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DataLoad Support

DataLoad has been successfully tested with all versions of Oracle E-Business Suite since release 10.7, including the latest R12.x releases, and is supported on Windows Operating Systems including Windows 7, Vista, XP and those running under Citrix and Windows Terminal Server. Please work through the following steps if problems are encountered using DataLoad, either because you don't know how to do something or because your load isn't behaving as you would expect:

  1. Read the DataLoad documentation, the latest version of which is at
  2. If the problem is to do with the way DataLoad works, or if you suspect you have found a DataLoad bug, please download the most up to date version to determine if the problem has been fixed.
  3. Read the DataLoad FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).
  4. Use the DataLoad Forum. You may find someone has already asked what you need to know, but if not then post your question there.
  5. Product and user support is only available for DataLoad Professional users. If you have purchased a support package please contact us as detailed when you purchased your support.

We also provide free email support to all users who are having difficulty downloading, installing or starting to use Dataload. Those users can still contact DataLoad support at the following email address:

If you do contact us concerning a problem with DataLoad please supply as much of the following as possible:

DataLoad version
Oracle E-Business Suite version
Operating system (Vista, XP, Citrix, etc)
Name of the form you are loading into
Screen dumps of any error messages
A copy of your DataLoad .dld or .fld file.
The steps to reproduce the problem.

This email address can also be used for software requests or suggestions concerning improvements to the software - feedback is always welcome.