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Browser Control includes additional Macro commands
These enable the browser to be manipulated

Browser Control Commands

In addition to the usual Macro commands, a number of additional commands are available in Browser Control loads. These provide functionality for controlling the browser and are described below. These commands should not be used except in Browser Control loads otherwise the command names will be sent to the target application as data instead of the command being executed.

Browser Action(s)
*CLEAR Clears the browser field when blank cells are ignored because the "Skip blank DataLoad cells" option is enabled
*LOV(value) Select value from an Oracle E-Business Suite Self Service List of Values. The List of Values must be open and
the list contain the value to be selected. The LOV command will select that value and close the window.
GoURL(url) Browser navigates to the URL specified in the brackets
GoBack Equivalent to pressing the Back button in the browser
GoHome Equivalent to pressing the Home button in the browser
GoFoward Equivalent to pressing the Forward button in the browser
WaitOnBusy(bool) Controls whether DataLoad waits for the browser to be ready before sending data.
Set bool to true or false accordingly. By default this is set to true. This command should not normally be required.
Quit Closes the browser