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Old Versions of DataLoad

Old versions of DataLoad & DataLoad Scripting can be downloaded using the links below. These are no longer supported and wherever possible users should use the latest version of DataLoad. Each version's release date is also shown below. This is to enable DataLoad Professional users with expired support contracts to download the highest version of DataLoad released before their contract expired.

DataLoad V5.4.1.0 (20th December 2010)
DataLoad V5.4.0.1 (22nd November 2010)
DataLoad V5.4.0.0 (1st November 2010)
DataLoad V5.3.0.0 (1st October 2010)
DataLoad V5.2.1.0 (1st June 2010)
DataLoad V5.2.0.0 (1st March 2010)
DataLoad V5.1.0.0 (1st February 2010)
DataLoad V5.0.0.0 (1st December 2009)
DataLoad V4.3.9.0 (21st August 2007)
DataLoad V4.3.8.0 (13th January 2007)
DataLoad V4.3.7.0 (11th February 2006)
DataLoad V4.3.6.0 (1st March 2005)
DataLoad V4.3.5.0 (3rd November 2004)
DataLoad V4.3.4.0 (2nd October 2004)
DataLoad V4.3.3.1 (9th July 2004)
DataLoad V4.3.3.0 (4th May 2004)
DataLoad V4.3.2.1 (15th December 2003)
DataLoad V4.3.2.0 (5th December 2003)
DataLoad V4.3.1.1 (6th October 2003)

DataLoad Scripting V5.4.1.0 (20th December 2010)
DataLoad Scripting V5.4.0.0 (1st November 2010)
DataLoad Scripting V5.3.0.0 (1st October 2010)
DataLoad Scripting V5.1.0.0 (1st February 2010)
DataLoad Scripting V5.0.0.0 (1st December 2009)